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Why “financial impulse”?

An impulse is “a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act.”

In terms of money, you’ve probably heard the phrase “impulse buyer” or “impulse purchase” before—and chances are, you haven’t heard it used in a positive light.

Whether or not you’re actually an impulse buyer, though, Financial Impulse is here to help educate and inform readers about personal finance. 

We do this through practical and actionable advice.

Not wishy-washy tips that are vague or outdated. Expect well-researched and actionable content instead.

Our goal is for you to develop a smart financial impulse. 

That means learning how to budget, save, and manage your money to achieve your biggest goals.

Get started by checking out some of our guides to spending and saving below.

Saving & Spending Wisely

  • Wondering where you stack up compared to other Americans in terms of savings, wealth, and debt? We’ve gathered the latest personal finance statistics
  • Holidays, weddings, and other special occasions can be costly. We rounded up the stats about how much people in the U.S. spend on these big days
  • If you’re completely new to personal finance, here’s a jam-packed guide from money-savvy experts. They share tips on saving, budgeting, and managing debt.
  • Emergency funds are a crucial piece of your financial health—we explain why here. If you don’t already have one, consider starting one. 
  • This may not be everyone’s favorite flavor of budgeting, but it’s an option: a minimalist budget. Worth checking out if you need a fresh approach to managing your money.
  • Strangers to investing might find it intimidating. We get that. So we collected 10 investing tips to help ease beginners into this new territory.
  • If you’re interested in the concept of financial independence (or retiring early), we have a comprehensive guide to the FIRE movement.

“Is It Worth It?”

This article series is dedicated to exploring high-cost items and experiences to find out if they’re “worth it.” Determining whether something is worth its cost is subjective, of course, but we provide background and analysis so that you can decide this for yourself more easily. 

We’ve covered topics like:

Career Advice